A quick internet search for workplace productivity enhancements will generate a lot of suggestions businesses can implement to create a workplace where employees can thrive. These tips tend to fall under one of two umbrellas: environment and management.

While these tips may not be right for every workplace, it’s likely that most offices and managers can adopt some of these suggestions to boost productivity and job satisfaction.

Environmental Enhancements

Promoting Organization

In most cases people will focus better and spend less time looking for the things they need to do their job when tools and resources are organized in some agreed upon manner.

This goes for both a physical workspace and data management. A well-organized CRM can help ensure anyone on a team can find pertinent information for every client, even if they weren’t the one who entered the information. Disorganization or people doing things their own way can result in lost time and frustration.

Managing Noise Levels

Some workers may swear they are more productive with television on in the background. Most workers like music, but only instrumentals. Some can focus while listening to upbeat or fast music that would be distracting to others.

Headphones and streaming services have made it possible for every worker to adjust their own noise level, except for those who prefer silence.

There are a variety of strategies managers can use to control noise in an office. Some workplaces have a quiet time in the morning when people are focused on their individual tasks. Managers may try to keep the main open floorplan section of their office relatively quiet throughout the day and move potentially distracting discussions to thinktanks or meeting rooms.

Creating a Space with the Right Resources

Having a computer that works isn’t all about productivity; it’s also a factor in job satisfaction.

Few things are more frustrating for a worker than an underpowered laptop that struggles to allow internet browsers, a Word document, a pdf and a Power Point presentation to all be open at the same time.

A slow laptop may technically work, and the employee using it can still be relatively productive, but they will feel handicapped and likely experience avoidable frustration as a result.

Giving Workers Ways to Stay Healthy

Healthful snacks and workout equipment can help a workforce maintain good health in a stressful environment that may be more conducive to poor choices.

Many workers will grab an apple or bananas over candy, cookies and chips when they’re available, which is why workplaces with breakrooms should consider diversifying their offerings.

Many workers will also avail themselves of onsite gyms and workout facilities. The improved circulation after a workout can even provide a boost to productivity.

Management Enhancements

Be Goal Oriented

Businesses that successfully optimize productivity tend to use a lot of goal-oriented milestones on an individual, team and company basis. When every person has a goal there are fewer questions about what to do or how to do it. When a business or team has a shared goal, everyone understands what they’re working toward, and usually how to get there together.

If your business doesn’t have clear goals other than, “Get today’s work done and see what happens tomorrow,” you may want to brainstorm some longer-term options.

Prioritize Time Management

Time management often comes down to breaking out daily schedules in a way that’s realistic and promotes productivity. This might mean a worker takes several 10-minute breaks throughout the day when their free to check Twitter, TikTok or Instragram to their heart’s content. Then it’s phones down and back to work.

Developing a strategy that enhances a worker’s productivity and minimize distractions during those times is often beneficial.

Delegate and Avoid Micromanaging

Workers like to feel needed, and a lot of employees will rise to a challenge and increased responsibility. Many managers understandably want things to be done right, and they, whether correct or not, think they know that right way.

It’s hard for employees to feel valued when they believe their manager doesn’t trust them to make the right calls or manage their own time. Managers can suffer undo stress if they believe they must do everything themselves.

It’s often better for everyone when managers delegate more responsibilities to employees who have proven they can handle greater autonomy.

Maintain a Positive Workspace

What qualifies as a positive workspace varies from person to person, but one commonality is freedom from toxic stress or abusive relationships.

It’s great if everyone in a workplace likes one another, but that’s not always possible. Respect, on the other than, is possible. Mutual respect of boundaries, abilities and each person’s unique work style, as well as flexible time management and clear performance expectations, will help foster a positive environment and team dynamic.

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