A less-than-subtly-important Post Script:

We have spent the last two days and posts, describing the MAC6 business model shift. Another shift exists that has guided our vision and emphasis on only focusing on our best work that we are able to provide to Arizona and the world. For three years, MAC6 considered its higher purpose to be, “Advocating Capitalism as a Force for Good.” It took three years before we were really able to look deeply enough at that sentiment to realize that it was still more of a ‘what’ we do, rather than a ‘why’ we are doing it. We spent a time of reflection to find WHY we were so determined to advocate Capitalism as a force for good.

See the image below to read the fully articulated MAC6 Purpose, Mission & Vision for the future. You will see the biggest change is that our purpose is now articulated as “Building better communities to eliminate extreme poverty.” We are now students of poverty in the entire world and how to begin to effect a change. We do not have all of the answers or even most, but are working diligently to tie our work more directly, each day, to effecting change in this measure. At a small scale, MAC6 has been working locally to teach financial literacy to individuals and families through our multi-family housing investments. We have currently touched 36 individuals.

There is much more to come. So please follow along and ask any questions and continue to challenge us. We love this conversation and are passionate about keeping it going in the years to come.