There’s been a growing movement, especially among SMBs, to outsource as much as possible. Outsourcing, or working with freelancers and contractors, allows businesses to get help from experts without having to pay for a full-time person in that position. Contractors, freelancers and specialty B2B service companies also don’t require benefits, office space or long-term contracts.

There are a huge variety of business service companies that provide everything from bookkeeping and payroll services to human resources and recruiting to web development and advertising. Business owners who outsource their logistical or marketing needs can focus on their business rather than having to dive into various ancillary fields they may not be familiar with.

There are freelancers available for all types of work. Freelancing may be most commonly associated with writers and designers, but you can also find freelancers to help build custom apps, design custom functionality for websites, translate content to a different language or help with a rebranding campaign.

The more specialized your freelancer or contractor needs the harder it might be to find someone who is a good fit for you. Members of coworking communities like MAC6, who happen to work next to contractors, freelancers and digital nomads on a day-to-day basis, have an advantage when it comes to finding independent contractors and freelancers.

Best Ways to Find Contractors and Freelancers

There are literally dozens of sites dedicated to connecting freelancers with people who want their services, but the quality of their work isn’t guaranteed. A platform like Fiverr is convenient, and you might have a lot of past client reviews to inform your freelancer choices, but the platform itself is also taking a cut.

Every city, including Tempe and Phoenix, has what are essentially staffing agencies that will find you creatives or freelancers in specific fields, but they will also require their own cut.

Finding a freelancer yourself and contracting them directly is often the ideal solution for both the freelancer and the business hiring them. The problem is you might not have access to people with the right skills unless you have a lot of networking contacts or work in a place with relevant contractors.

Coworking communities are often filled with experienced freelancers, contractors and professionals in an array of fields. There’s a good possibility that you’ll find the right person with the skills you need right here in our MAC6 community.

Working with a freelancer in person also tends to be more effective than communicating through an impersonal email or chat window, allowing you to better communicate your expectations.

What Makes MAC6 a Great Community for Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Digital Nomads?

MAC6 is located in Tempe, which is already a commercial hub in Arizona (and still growing). The MAC6 campus is only 10 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and 15 minutes from ASU.

The Desk+ or Flex Desk coworking desks start at just $129 a month and offer all the benefits of a full-service office with access to meeting rooms and other amenities. Freelancers can get all the benefits one would normally associate with a robust office environment, including:

  • Great internet, Wi-Fi and VoIP phone capabilities
  • Access to printers, scanners and copiers
  • Onsite IT
  • Weekly events and networking opportunities with fellow members and outside community partners
  • Onsight management
  • Nightly security
  • Notary
  • Onsite gym with trainer
  • FloWater
  • A variety of support services to improve performance in a values-driven culture

Coworking spaces like MAC6 can be an ideal solution for freelancers and independent contractors who are working solo as well as startups, SMBs and entrepreneurs who are seeking a flexible working arrangement.

In many ways, coworking communities are the next inevitable evolution in outsourcing. Instead of locking your business into a long-term lease and having to furnish all the utilities and office amenities yourself, you just need to pay a low monthly membership fee.

What Are Digital Nomads?

Digital nomad lifestyles have become a real option for many freelancers, independent contractors and professionals who can essentially perform their job duties anywhere with a stable Wi-Fi connection. If you can do your job anywhere in the world, why be nailed down to any one place?

Many digital nomads rely on coworking communities like MAC6 to make their lifestyles work. Joining MAC6, even temporarily, gives you a worry-free environment in which to be productive. You’ll get a stable, fast Wi-Fi connection and an array of support services to make your time in Tempe as professionally successful as possible.

A Great Tempe Coworking Community for Freelancers and Businesses Looking for Contractors

At its core, membership in MAC6 is an affordable and flexible office space alternative to traditional leases, but it also has an array of ancillary benefits for businesses. One of those benefits is networking and working with many local Tempe professionals, including many freelancers and independent contractors who may have the skills and knowledge you need.

You can schedule a tour of the MAC6 campus by calling (602) 837-2664.