Thinking about shutting down your home office in favor of a shared coworking space? That can be a healthy choice, moving you from distraction to focus and like-minded community. Because working from home sucks. Distractions, noise, to-do lists hanging over your head… it’s not a productive work environment.

But let’s be honest. Walking away from your very comfortable home into a shared space can feel risky. You’ll have to invest your initial time and money to find a space that may not be a great fit. What if the coworking space you choose is poorly managed, always running out of supplies, has dirty facilities, and rude members? It’s not worth the risk, right? Or is it?

A great coworking space can make it all worth it. If you do your research and know what to look for, you can find a great coworking space. And a great coworking space is worth shutting down your home office, getting out of your pajamas and making a short commute. Here’s why…

Flexible month-to-month leases.

You can reduce your risk by finding a space with a flexible lease. So if it doesn’t work, you can move out without getting tied up in a long lease. Coworking spaces can give you a productive, efficient, and flexible space as you scale your business, all at a reasonable price.

Amenities that you’d find at top companies.

Since their sole function is to give you an exceptional place to conduct business while helping your business grow and succeed, a coworking space can give you the services that will make you look like a bigger company. Each space offers something different. Look for included gym-memberships, access to training and mentor-based programs and all of the office equipment and meeting space technology you’d desire.

A community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Many coworking spaces offer networking opportunities with other like-minded entrepreneurs just like you. Keep an eye out for lunch and learns, mastermind groups, mentorship programs and other valuable skill-sharing opportunities.

Forget the expensive overhead costs and risky long-term leases. Coworking spaces are flexible, affordable, and leave you with more time to focus on growing your business and less time worrying about the logistics and cost of your space.

Home Office: comfy, but not scalable

A coworking space provides access to tools, resources, and (human) collaboration without taking on the overhead costs of personal office space. Not to mention that blurred line of work/life balance will become clear and easier to maintain.

Are you in the market? If you’re in the Southeast Valley of Phoenix, and you’re thinking about making the switch from working at home to working in a coworking space, consider trying out Mac6 for a day. Come visit us for a day, enjoy a community lunch, meet other members and see if coworking is right for you and your business. Contact us to set up a tour.