Every business reaches a tipping point. You can let growing pains consume your business, or you can learn the tactics to rise above the challenges. EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, gives you a simple process to scale intelligently.

Every business reaches a tipping point–that point that forces decision: do you stop growing, become stagnant and sink, or do you choose growth?

The decision isn’t all that simple. Growth requires a change in the way we do things. And change is hard. Luckily, EOS gives us a clear, simple process we can use to rise above and move past the challenges, to grow and expand.

Why EOS?

EOS is a compartmentalization process that can solve your scaling problem and get you to where you want to be. As a business owner, there’s an endless list of tasks demanding your attention every single day. By compartmentalizing your tasks, your execution will be cleaner, you’ll become more efficient, and your team’s energy will pivot towards what matters most. It’s a tried-and-true business method that has helped small businesses and start-ups tip towards growth and expansion while avoiding stagnation and business loss.

Compartmentalize Your Goals

By compartmentalizing your goals and clearly communicating them with your team, you can work toward the same, unified objective. Organize your goals into the following compartments:

  • One-Year: These are your goals for the year — revenue, service offerings, product launches — anything that you’re working toward within the next 12 months. Limit to 3-7 key goals.
  • Quarter: Break the year into four quarters (three-month blocks of time). Add details to the 3-7 goals you added to your one-year compartment. What steps will you take each quarter to reach your one-year goals?
  • 7-Day: This bucket contains all the action items a team member commits to that must be accomplished within the next 7 days. These should be the small steps that are needed to support and achieve the quarterly goals, and feed into the one-year goals.
  • Issues: This compartment includes all the unresolved blockers, ideas, and opportunities you will face while working towards your goals. This group is broken down into short-term and long-term subcompartments.

Where are you on your entrepreneurial journey? Do you need to establish your yearly goals? Or are they rock-solid and you’re ready to move onto prioritizing quarterly and 7-day goals? By implementing EOS and baking this process into your company culture, your team can move forward together with confidence.

Does Your Space Promote Healthy Business Growth?

Now that your company is moving in the right direction, how is space supporting healthy business growth? Keep a few things in mind while evaluating your space for business growth potential.

Working in silos can create a big issues compartment. Are you growing your business from home? It can be a challenge to set lofty growth goals when you’re confined to a small, inflexible space.

Community and collaboration in a shared workspace can support EOS processes. Bouncing ideas off of like-minded entrepreneurs can give you their experience without you having to learn it painfully. Seek out unique experience through partnership with others as you grow your business.

Ready to Adopt EOS?

You want to scale your business in a healthy, sustainable way. With motivation, drive, and the right processes in place, you can do it. Sounds like you have the motivation and drive. We’ve introduced you to the process. Activating the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or EOS, is now up to you. Unless…

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