Reinventing the wheel can sometimes help you understand that wheel very well. But if you’re reinventing every wheel, you waste time and fail to make progress. Do you want to be a sought-after speaker in business process? If not, then focus on what you’re best at and adopt a simple, proven business process.

You want to be good at business. You want to be a good manager, strategist and decisionmaker. There’s no shortcut to success; you need to have a strong grasp of how and why you’re running your business the way you are.

The question now: what do you adopt from others and what do you create for yourself?

By creating systems and processes from the ground up, you’ll sacrifice potential growth and opportunities through wasted time. Experience shows many decisions are better left to proven business systems and processes that will save you time and help you fine-tune your business strategy. Invest in a proven methodology that will take your business to the next level quickly and efficiently.

For example, the EOS® or Entrepreneurial Operating System is a complete, proven system with practical tools that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their goals. This program is designed to help you achieve three things that make all companies successful: vision, traction, and health.

The Challenges Of Growing a Business

Cash only gets you so far. According to CB Insights, 70% of upstart tech companies fail, usually around 20 months after first raising financing. You need a clear vision and execution strategy to succeed.

Find structure. Adopting a proven system helps your business get on the right track so you can focus on other objectives. It provides a structure to your business and a platform for growth. Find the structure you need in the programs, then find ways to make it your own.

Customize. Since a key component of many of these systems is measurement, if your numbers aren’t coming out right, this is a key indicator that things need to change. So you pivot. Talk about the numbers and ask your people what they think might be getting in the way of those numbers.

Bonus: establish vision. Don’t be fooled, simply adopting a method doesn’t mean success. You first need to establish your vision. Brands like Amazon and Apple didn’t get to where they are today without a clear vision and relentless effort in pursuit of it.

Choose What You Invent

Choose the wheel you want to reinvent. Are you a caterer? Then reinvent recipes. But don’t reinvent everything, or you’ll have to close your doors. Focus on what you’re best at, where you can provide unique value. Then adopt a system that will provide a structure on which to build and execute that expertise, guided by your vision. Then adjust.

At MAC6, we’re partial to the EOS model. We offer multiple, single-day engagements through full implementation, covering Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, & Traction. Let us help you implement a structure for success to help your business grow and succeed. Reach out to get started.