Uncertainty and rapid change come with the territory when starting a small business or being an entrepreneur. Startups and growing companies all too often find themselves constrained by a space that’s too small for their growing team or end up with a space that’s larger – and more expensive – than necessary.

Certain types of new businesses or B2B service providers may find themselves in situations where they sign a couple big clients at the same time and quickly need the ramp up their team. Others are seasonal in nature or may only need contractors for short-term projects rather than long-term full-time employees.

Maybe a business needs to temporarily add a small team to deal with a temporary increase in calls or customer service inquiries during a new product rollout, but they simply don’t have room for all these new temporary contractors.

Small businesses, consultants, organizers and a variety of B2B service providers can run into these issues. Spaces like the MAC6 Entrepreneurial Campus can provide an ideal solution.

There’s No Shortage of Unique Staffing Scenarios in Arizona

It’s hard to overstate the awe-inspiring diversity of small businesses and entrepreneurs in cities like Phoenix and Tempe. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Arizona is home to well over half a million small businesses employing nearly half of the state’s workforce. The rigid cookie-cutter solutions offered by traditional commercial office and industrial buildings are rarely a perfect fit for the distinctive workspace needs of these hundreds of thousands of local businesses.

Flexible workspace environments offered by coworking spaces like MAC6 make these important decisions painless and convenient. We’re committed to giving every Tempe business access to competitively priced turnkey office space in a modern environment conducive to collaboration and productivity.

Save Money and Hassle When Adjusting to Staffing Fluctuations

Not only is coworking space at MAC6 affordable – especially if you’re signing up for Desk+ or Flex Desk memberships – but you’re also benefiting from an array of amenities that would be cost prohibitive for most businesses to acquire on their own.

You don’t need to worry about making everyone uncomfortable by cramming an extra team’s worth of people in a space that doesn’t have room for them. There’s also no need to lease and furnish an extra space for what is often a temporary workforce expansion.

If your business is growing out of your existing offices, or has a workforce that fluctuates frequently, MAC6 gives you options beyond breaking your lease or going through the arduous process of moving each time your situation changes.

The Flexible Growth Options Available Through MAC6

Full-Service Private Suites 

MAC6 boasts a variety of private suites that can comfortably fit anywhere from four or five employees to up to 75 employees (1,500 sq. ft. to 9,000 sq. ft.). Layouts are varied and rooms are large enough for your team to situate themselves in whichever way works best for their productivity.

MAC6 also has a variety of equipment available, such as desks, chairs and cubicle walls. Our setup professionals are happy to build out these furnishings based on your specific requests.

Desk+ and Dedicated/Flex Desks Starting at $129 per Month

Are you a freelancer who just needs to get away from at-home distractions? Do you need a comfortable workspace for a handful of team members?

Desk+ workspace is the optimal solution for many entrepreneurs and startup teams. You get all the top-of-the-line amenities you’d expect in a modern office environment (onsite gym, coffee, snacks, wired conference rooms – even a podcast room) without the price tag usually attached to those perks.

Instead of paying too much for more space than you need and spending your days in less-than-ideal working conditions, you pay a low monthly fee for an extraordinarily comfortable workspace and have the flexibility to add or subtract team members quickly and painlessly.

Privacy+ Workspaces Starting at $599 per Month

Get the privacy and security of your own office or private offices for up to eight workers while still enjoying all the community benefits and amenities available to Desk+ and Flex Desk members.

Breaking Away from Rigid Lease Terms

One of the most constricting aspects of commercial office space are inflexible lease terms. As a coworking community intent on making life easier for Arizona’s small businesses and entrepreneurs, MAC6 is committed to offering an array of tenant and member-friendly policies.

We offer a number of month-to-month or year-to-year leasing options for our various workspaces. Maybe most importantly, MAC6 does not take a punitive approach when a member’s situation changes, or they are unsatisfied with their current setup.

If your space doesn’t meet your flexibility and growth needs, we will let you out of your lease without penalty.

Get Answers to Your Questions About MAC6

Any business looking for new workspace understandably has a long list of needs, wants and questions. We encourage you to read through our Frequently Asked Questions, browse our pricing and amenities and learn more about how our coworking space options are conducive to team growth.

If you would like to learn more or schedule a tour you can call us at (602) 837-2664 or send us a Book a Tour request.