Coworking can be great. But it’s also good to realize that it’s a shared space. Just because everyone’s nice, doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you need to think about in order to preserve those good relationships, making them stronger, and giving you every last benefit from coworking. So let’s have a little fun.

You’ve joined a coworking space and can’t believe you’ve found such a great fit. Everyone loves your dog and your style of music. And on top of that, nobody cares that I’m using the shared conference room because my call went over and the kitchen is stocked with everything you’d ever want. “Somebody pinch me, because I think I must be dreaming.”

Let’s pause for a minute and reflect on this dream space. Is everyone in harmony with your exact preferences, or are you dominating the space without asking anyone else’s opinion?

Coworking spaces are a great balance between growing your business in your home and taking on the overhead of a long-term lease. In fact, many of the benefits of coworking come from the people around you. This is a chance to show respect for others and build relationships.

So let’s bust some coworking myths so your new office space will be filled with respect, harmony, joy and maybe even become an awesome support community for the growth of your business.

Myth: Everything’s Free!

Truth: Free coffee, free tea, occasional catered lunches, snacks galore, the list goes on. All these things can make the kitchen feel a lot like your kitchen at home, where nothing is off limits. But that’s simply not true.

At Mac6, we make sure you’re equipped with the conveniences of modern offices but before you grab that beer in the fridge, think to yourself, “Would I like someone to take my beer out of the fridge without asking?” The answer is probably “no.” That could be a celebratory beer for someone working on a project. If you’re starving and see a premade salad in the fridge, think before grabbing it. That is definitely someone else’s lunch.

Courtesy is king when it comes to working in shared spaces. Use the golden rule and treat others like you would want to be treated.

Myth: You can do whatever you want in your space.

Truth: In most cases this is true. If you have your own office, you can completely customize it to help you boost creativity and focus. But it’s crucial to remember you’re working in a shared space. Other members may be allergic to dogs (or just not like them) or may not love the music blaring from your computer. Ask around before bringing in your furry companion to make sure it’s OK. And invest in some headphones.

Myth: You Must Be Social.

Truth: Are coworking spaces a great place to network with like-minded entrepreneurs? YES. Do you have to attend every social event or chat up every person you see in the hallway? Not at all. At Mac6, the social aspect is what you make of it. If you love surrounding yourself with others, great. If you’d rather use the space as a quiet place to get work done, then that’s great too. We know that everyone needs different things from their workspaces and we strive to provide the best regardless of your social needs.

Stay Objective. And Professional.

It’s hard to stay objective when your dog is so cute. And when your music is sure to delight those around you (because it gives you such joy) and you just want to share it. But it’s the good disciplines that show people you’re fun, and yet can maintain professionalism and respect for others. It’s not just how you develop good relationships with those working around you, but it’s also a part of becoming the person others want to partner with. In other words, it’s good for your career.

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