I’ll get straight to the point: coworking can really suck. You can’t control noise, distractions, meetings spaces or what someone’s lunch smells like. But despite all the drawbacks, you might find that the parts that suck can really benefit your company’s culture.

Coworking, despite being inexpensive and pretty exciting, brings its own complications. You have no control over the noise level, what music is playing, or when the nerf guns break out. You have to share conference rooms and sign up for times you want. Annoying people with bad attitudes will be right next door.

Despite the parts that suck, coworking isn’t going anywhere. As it turns out, people like being with other people and value a flexible space with built-in networking opportunities. Even on the tough days.

Bottom line: Your company culture is impacted by those around you in both good and bad ways no matter where you are. There will always be noise you don’t want — that delivery man just rang your doorbell in the middle of a conference call. Someone on the team will book the conference room when you need it for a client presentation. And bad attitudes are inevitable for everyone.

There are ways to find the right co-working space for your business. You may even find out the parts of coworking that suck are actually really great for your company’s culture.

3 Ways CoWorking Spaces That Suck Are Perfect For Your Team

Distractions open doors. Yes, it’s annoying when people stop you in the hall when you’re late for a meeting or knock on your door when your focused on a project. But those distractions are invaluable relationship builders. Business leaders learn, sooner or later, that other people help you stretch and grow your business. Welcome two-way relationships where you both benefit from each other’s experience and expertise. It won’t always be convenient, but it will open up doors for your future business that you may not have even considered before.

Sharing a space optimizes efficiency. When you sign up for the conference room for that 2-3pm time slot, you can’t extend the meeting when someone else needs it immediately after. That time constraint forces your team to be efficient with the time they have. No rabbit holes or tangent conversations allowed if you’re going to meet your meeting’s objective.

The unexpected builds morale. You might be annoyed when a nerf gun war breaks out, but your team may need a break they wouldn’t have otherwise taken. Burnout is a real issue that often doesn’t show itself until it’s too late. Let your team partake in those afternoon happy hour calls and mid-morning snack breaks. Let loose and embrace the unexpected for yourself too. You’ll be surprised at how spontaneity will boost creativity.

Find a coworking space that changes your perspective on what actually sucks and what is beneficial.

The Mac6 coworking space offers options to strike different emotions. If you need a quiet space with limited interaction, visit our Privacy+ (un)Executive Suites. Does the hustle and bustle motivate and inspire you? Opt for our Desk+ option. If a dedicated space to grow your manufacturing process is your thing, we’ve got you.

It’s been said that coworking is the future of the office. We agree. You get out of the coworking experience what you put into it. What will you make of your experience?. The key is to be realistic with your business needs and find the very best space for your team. We’d love the opportunity to assist you with that process. Contact us to schedule a tour.