After the COVID-19 pandemic shifted many office-based operations to remote environments, employees found refuge in coworking spaces. Individuals needed communities to thrive, and the work from home model, while beneficial in many aspects, can be isolating.

But what about those periodic virtual social events and mini meetups? Well, they were entertaining for a time but didn’t meet the ongoing need for social support. There is just something about coworking spaces that boosts employee morale and productivity in a consistent and sustainable manner.

Let’s discuss how and why coworking spaces might be the best option for keeping your staff’s spirits high.

What’s a Coworking Space?

Before we explain how coworking spaces boost employee morale, let’s do a little bit of housekeeping — what is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a physical location that allows employees from different companies to share an office for a fee. It can be:

  • an individual desk access for a single employee who reports to an office that’s in another city,
  • a private space for staff living in one location,
  • a small enclosed office for a group,

or even a large space that can accommodate double-digit numbers.

It depends on the coworking space provider offering the service.

Like a traditional office setting, coworking spaces will have access to the internet, office equipment, meeting facilities, and great coffee and snacks. At times, the space provider can also conduct seminars, lunch and learns, and social events.

How Coworking Spaces Can Boost Employee Morale

Can a coworking space really boost employee morale? Heck yeah, and we’re not the only ones who say so.

According to a study conducted by Universite de Montreal researchers, people’s Quality of Life (QoL) is influenced by their Quality of Work Life (QWL), which is also affected by the quality of the work environment.

Take a second to think about that. We can positively affect our QoL by increasing our QWL. How can we increase our QWL? By changing our work environment!

A coworking space is a working environment designed for productivity and collaboration. And the best coworking environments do not just provide the right amenities but also offer extra services that ensure its users’ happiness. Here are some great morale boosters that are associated with coworking environments.

1. Stability and Availability of Tools

As opposed to keeping employees at home or in a random location (ex. at a nearby coffee shop or park), a coworking space offers a level of stability and predictability to one’s work life. Now, we all know that person who thrives off the uncertainty of the next workday, jumping from coffee shops to public libraries, and that’s great. However, for many more employees, stability and the availability of standard office tools like phones, printers, Wi-Fi, and meeting facilities — plus the free coffee and snacks! — are vital to their QWL.

2. A Sense of Community

They might not be working for the same company, but being together holds people in a coworking space more accountable for their roles. Seeing others getting tasks done in a relaxed environment with no office tension is a great productivity motivator. If they feel stuck, employees can roam around freely, chat with other space users, and then get inspired by each other. Providing a sense of community is a sure-fire way to boost employee morale.

3. Social and Educational Events

The best coworking space providers will have regular seminars and Lunch and Learn sessions scheduled for everybody to join. Great examples would be having industry experts come in and speak about time management and work-life balance, or launching events like Fun Fridays where users get to huddle for a few minutes to share stories and play games.

The flexibility afforded by a quality coworking space benefits both the company owner and the employee. It gives your staff a professional yet relaxed environment where they can perform at their best while giving you the assurance that you have provided them with the suitable tools they need to succeed.

Support Your Staff with MAC6

Let’s face it, virtual cocktail hours and sporadic meetups are fun, but they just don’t cut it — they aren’t sustainable for long-term QWL. So before you send that next Zoom invite, consider coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are a great way for companies to show their staff that their presence is valued. In turn, this translates to higher productivity, confidence, and increased morale. With that in mind, the next step is choosing the best coworking environment where your employees can thrive and succeed.

MAC6 offers scalable coworking spaces and robust amenities for individuals, small teams, and even enterprise-level groups. Users can enjoy access to a wide range of amenities, including fiber internet, VOIP tools, a 24/7 gym, onsite management, a notary, a podcast room, meeting spaces, and Cartel’s Cold Brew coffee and FloWater. We also conduct weekly events and organizational growth programs.

Sounds good, right? Contact MAC6 today or book a tour.