Tempe has become a hub for innovative and cutting-edge companies in recent years due to its large workforce and expanding infrastructure. Many of the top dogs from Silicon Valley companies like Uber have moved across the country to the Tempe area to settle down. We’re going to highlight some of the big companies in Tempe, AZ, and share a little bit about what makes each one unique as an innovative company

17 Innovative Companies in Tempe, AZ


1. GenXComm

Welcome to the photonic revolution. GenXComm’s photonic processors are delivering intelligent devices at the speed of light without interference. This tech company in Tempe, AZ, is known for its cutting-edge photonic connectivity technology and artificial intelligence systems. 5G telecommunications and autonomous systems are only two of the innovative technologies GenXComm works on.

More Information: https://www.genxcomm.com/

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2. FrontSpin

FrontSpin is a cloud-based sales communication tool to help businesses reach more customers. Delivering powerful sales playbooks, FrontSpin simplifies the sales conversion process. Their unique platform helps sales professionals perform their jobs faster and better. The FrontSpin platform provides a power dialing tool, personalized email templates, account-based playbooks, and SMS services.

More Information: https://www.frontspin.com/


3. Insight Enterprises

Insight Enterprises is one of the big companies in Tempe, AZ, dominating the software industry. Insight Enterprises provides computer hardware, software, cloud solutions, and IT services to organizations. This company is always looking to the future and making improvements to its products and services. Insight’s products help businesses navigate complex IT challenges and provide innovative digital solutions.

More Information: https://www.insight.com/en_US/home.html


4. Hello Fresh

Although Hello Fresh is not headquartered in Tempe, it does have many employees in the area. You’ve probably heard of Hello Fresh as the industry leader in home meal kit delivery. Their delivery service has transformed the way millions of people view mealtimes. Hello Fresh provides subscribers with easy-to-follow cooking instructions along with pre-portioned ingredients. This company was founded in 2011, way ahead of the meal kit trend.

More Information: https://www.hellofresh.com/


5. First Solar

First Solar is another one of the most innovative manufacturing companies in Tempe, AZ, that you may not have heard of. First Solar is a leading global provider of PV solar solutions for sustainable energy. It is the fastest-growing PV technology company and prides itself on its dedication to advancement.

More Information: https://www.firstsolar.com/


6. Gompers

Gompers is unique in its innovation. It’s not a technology company but rather a company devoted to empowering people with disabilities. Gompers has been transforming the lives of those with disabilities for over 75 years. It provides clients with assistive technology, employment opportunities, and day training making it one of the best innovative companies in Tempe, AZ.

More Information: https://gompers.org/

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7. Nidec SV TCL

Nidec SV TCL has provided high-quality semiconductor testing products since 1994. The company has continually advanced its testing technology to provide the best solutions to its customers. Their company leads the semiconductor industry with its premier testing technology.

More Information: http://www.svprobe.com/


8. Snap Tech IT

Snap Tech is hands-down one of the best tech companies in Tempe, AZ, when it comes to innovation. This company is changing the game for business IT services through its cutting-edge risk defense solutions. Snap Tech IT protects its customers from cyber-attacks and hackers. Now a Registered Provider Organization with CMMC-AB, Snap Tech IT is quickly growing.

More Information: https://www.snaptechit.com/

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9. Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor Technology, Inc. is known for its high-quality semiconductor packaging and test services. The employees at Amkor solve complicated technological challenges and come up with innovative solutions. This reliable semiconductor packaging technology company makes the list of the most innovative tech companies in Tempe, AZ, for its global services.

More Information: https://amkor.com/


10. Versum Materials

As a part of EDM Electronics, Versum Materials, a manufacturing company in Tempe, AZ, pushes boundaries with its revolutionary semiconductor materials. Versum Materials combines expertise and innovation to provide customers with equipment for delivering manufacturing materials, precursors for depositing dielectric and metal films, along with CMP slurries.

More Information: https://www.emdgroup.com/versummaterials/


11. Truce

This next innovative company in Tempe, AZ, is a little bit different than the rest. Truce is a safe and simple household cleaning solution company. Its mission is to help people remove toxic chemicals from their homes and away from children and pets. Truce offers customers an all-purpose cleaning solution that eliminates the need for toxic chemical cleaning products. Their approach to household safety makes them innovative in their own way.

More Information: https://www.truceclean.com/

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12. Uber

Of course, we all know the famous rideshare service Uber. Uber is another company that is not headquartered in Tempe, however, they do a lot of business in the area. The rideshare technology company came to fruition in 2009 and has exploded to the household name it is today. Uber is committed to becoming a fully electric, zero-emissions platform by 2040 and even did self-driving car testing in 2018.

More Information: https://www.uber.com/

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13. Vizzda

Vizzda, the commercial real estate data company, is bringing real-time information to everyone in the commercial real estate business. Vizzda stands for visual data and is an award-winning information system that tracks commercial real estate data such as new listings and sales. The company provides users with new data within 24 hours of events, unlike many other data systems. They are an industry expert in data sharing with their keen attention to detail.

More Information: https://www.vizzda.com/

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14. Isos Technology

Isos Technology is a thought leader in innovative technological solutions through its tools to integrate Atlassian into your workplace. Isos fulfills your IT service needs and keeps its customers informed about Atlassian deployment architecture and enterprise rollout solutions. They offer customized classroom training courses and provide clients with a personal licensing manager to take on licensing efforts.

More Information: https://www.isostech.com/


15. InkSoft

InkSoft is the all-in-one e-commerce platform for print, promo, and decorated apparel companies. InkSoft provides all the tools needed from start to finish for custom branded merchandise businesses. The company helps businesses grow their business, stay organized, and provide the best customer experience possible. Businesses can streamline their sales process with this innovative company in Tempe, AZ.

More Information: https://www.inksoft.com/


16. Point in Time Studios

Point in Time Studios is a full-service video production company that specializes in corporate video, student and multi-family housing video, virtual reality video, and 3D animation services. This company goes above and beyond in its video production services and has worked with big companies such as Petsmart and Coca-Cola. They make virtual reality and 360-degree video look easy with their innovative technology.

More Information: https://pointintimestudios.com/

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17. Veeam Software

Lastly, Veeam Software is one of the top innovative tech companies in Tempe, AZ, because of its modern data protection. Veeam’s data protection software is simple but reliable, and that’s why they are the global leader in data protection. This company has won over 200 industry awards and has seen a 280% ROI for its customers.

More Information: https://www.veeam.com/


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