What a way to begin a decade… we started with 2020 vision of continued rapid innovation, ultra-low unemployment, and an ever expanding local, national, and global economy. Then the world changed; and with 2020 hindsight, we had become fragile.

A silver lining of the pandemic is we are questioning everything. The questions we are asking are stressful, but by our nature humans and human society are antifragile; meaning stress, at least to a point, makes us stronger. The global pandemic gave our world a big shake; and the economy, our supply chains, and our very institutions have been found wanting. We’d become fragile, and a crisis in some form was going to happen.

Learning is essential to progress, so the good news is there is much to question and much to learn. Every innovator stands on the shoulders of others, and even in the midst of crisis, we are re-imagining our institutions, and we are re-imagining the future; and while there is much still to be done on planet earth, SpaceX has recently helped us re-imagine the universe.

Beyond flexible workspaces, MAC6 is a journey of learning and discovery that is truly right for the times. While the so called, “new-normal” is currently unknowable, entrepreneurs across the globe are rising to the occasion, with clear signs that 2021 will see the biggest wave of entrepreneurial energy in the history of civilization.

But every journey needs a foundation and our MAC6 foundation is expressed by Our Stand: Advocating Capitalism as a Force for Good. We believe in free enterprise capitalism as the only socio-economic system ever conceived with the power to lift people from poverty. We believe that true capitalism promotes absolute fairness and limitless opportunity for all, fostering self-reliance, freedom, and happiness worldwide. We believe that Conscious Capitalism®, a philosophy of capitalism in its most honorable form, is the means to restore society’s faith in the continuing power of capitalism to change the world.

Welcome to the journey – is capitalism broken and in need of repair, or is it a system that is simply maligned and misunderstood? Join us at MAC6 – let’s explore.