The Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Businesses at Any Stage

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Shifting to a coworking environment is a good sign of businesses thriving amidst challenges. It shows that business owners are open to shifting from traditional office settings in favor of happier and more productive employees and that staff are taking more accountability for their productivity. The benefits of coworking become more apparent as companies see that performance is not just tied to a location.

Coworking spaces offer both the stability of a fixed space and the freedom for people to perform in ways that optimize their time and talents. Being in an agile environment that offers all the usual perks of an office — comfortable workspaces, access to office tools, speedy internet, unlimited coffee, occasional social and learning events — inspires individuals to do better work for their company.

This is what MAC6’s coworking spaces are designed for. Regardless of your company’s size, whether you’re working with a few independent contractors or a large team composed of various departments, the benefits of coworking spaces all exist to drive collaboration, community, productivity, and growth — all while reducing overhead.

benefits of coworking

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

The perks and benefits of a coworking space encompass all levels of business, whether you’re a solo contractor looking for a place to network or a large, growing team seeking a high-productivity but low-cost location to settle in.

For Entrepreneurs and Startups

Startup entrepreneurs find plenty of economic benefits from coworking spaces, such as having a professional location that does not require long-term rental commitment, low upfront costs, unlimited access to phones, printers, and other office tools, and access to learning programs that enhance skills and productivity.

For Professional Service Providers

Aside from access to all the amenities of a professional office, coworking spaces offer a wealth of collaboration opportunities for independent contractors. Working in the same space as other professionals expands your network and allows instant partnerships to form.

For Growing Businesses

Businesses that are looking to expand their services and teams find that coworking spaces are cost-efficient. With a growth-focused coworking space, you pay only a minimal fee per month to gain access to all member amenities and office resources. Usage arrangements are set on a month-to-month basis. That means you worry less about operating costs and can focus more on your growth.

For Large Teams and Corporations

Unlike most coworking spaces that only provide resources for individuals and small teams, MAC6 has enterprise solutions that can accommodate up to 80 people in fully-equipped private suites. Our enterprise suites in Tempe are designed for scaling and can definitely be laid out to meet your company’s evolving needs. We also provide flexible warehouse space rentals for your manufacturing requirements.

benefits of coworking

MAC6 Offers a Thriving Work Environment

The benefits of coworking spaces are not limited to occupying cost-efficient spaces that offer unlimited perks. MAC6 goes beyond by ensuring that all its members have access to supplemental education that will allow them to upskill and grow as professionals.

The MAC6 Leadership Academy provides an ideal platform for people to thrive and businesses to grow through regular wellness checks, Discovery workshops, networking and social events, and other activities where profit and purpose unite.

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MAC6 offers leases you can break in some circumstances. Literally. It’s in the contract.

Healthy Space
We encourage health with a 24/7 gym (with trainer), Cartel cold brew coffee and FloWater.

Work better with fiber internet, VOIP phone capabilities, onsite IT and printer, copier and scanner.

Weekly lunches and other events, along with events from outside community partners.

Onsite Management
Onsite management with nightly security and a notary.

Organizational Growth
Support for higher performing teams in a values-driven culture that supports profit and purpose in a people-centric system.


Space Type Starting Price
Virtual Office $59/mo
Flex Desk $169/mo
Dedicated Desk $375/mo
Private Office $599/mo
Office Suite $1999/mo