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When is Conflict Productive?

That’s not a typo in the title. There is such a thing as productive conflict. Conflict doesn't have to be hurtful or damaging. We’re not often led to believe it, but it’s true. In business, the word ‘conflict’ is often synonymous with ‘fight.’ Let’s say you’re on a...

Collaboration Makes for Better Business

I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of businesses pop up in our shared spaces recently. It doesn’t matter if they’re a B2B media company operating out of our coworking space or a B2C consumer product company setting up shop in our co-manufacturing space. I’ve...


Dysfunction Spells Doom

Author: Jennifer Burwell

Put a name to the hidden problems that are killing momentum and initiative. Discover things deficiencies in trust, commitment and focus, and get your organization moving toward long-term success.


High Performance Teamwork Assessment

How high performing is your team? Download our self-assessment worksheet and share it with your team. When everyone completes it you can analyze the results and see where you stand.