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5 Ways to Stay Healthy in a Shared Workspace

Fitness trends are everywhere. And, ways to maintain your six pack while at work are popping up left and right. I’m not going to hop on that bandwagon here. What I want to talk about is staying healthy from a more holistic standpoint, especially as it relates to...

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3 Misconceptions of Active Listening

The technique of active listening isn’t a new one. It has been around since 1957 and even then, it was clear that this practice was much more involved than simply lending an ear to someone. It was more than just hearing the person speaking to you. Any yet, so many...

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When You Get Too Big for Your Kitchen Table

Surrounded by the profusion of young web development and SaaS companies that dot the Phoenix Metro landscape, it’s easy to miss the extraordinary entrepreneurs who satisfy their creative spirit by manufacturing tangible goods. We have all become so adept at buying...

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The Biggest Symptom of a Distrusting Culture

When I speak to small business owners and early-stage entrepreneurs, I hear a lot of the same struggles - too many to dive into in one article. But behind many of the challenges are root issues that go deeper than the symptoms. It’s like going to the doctor...

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Flexible Workspace FTW!

I take a lot of pride in being part of entrepreneurs’ success stories. Providing space where they can set up shop, hit up resources, and connect with community is awesome. When entrepreneurs start to scale, though, they tend to hit a space ceiling. They outgrow...

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Why Starbucks Sucks (to work from)

We’ve all come to love the ambiance so freely given by our neighborhood coffee shops; the fresh scent of roasted coffee beans, the current and future CEOs bootstrapping their way to success, and access to free WiFi. But while the coffee shop is comfortable, it lacks...

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